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Softens the fur leather and has a pleasant odor. Dilute with water or methanol according to hardness of leather.
Obtains highest gloss on long hair furs / (16.9 fl.oz.)
For cleaning greasy and dirty parts of furs. Specially used for furs, to protect curl. After spraying dabbing with a clean rag. do not rub in / (16.9 fl.oz.)
Excellent insecticidal moth spray.  To treat fur garment that have moth and/eggs.  It can be sprayed directly to the fur garment, it has a pleasant smell and it will not harm to fur garment.  You can treat the garment and then clean it 24hrs after treatment.  You can also use the spray to treat your vault /400 ml (14 fl.oz.)
Used for manually clean Nappa Leather garments.  Can also be used with suede. To be used with a good cloth. It is always recommended to test in a small corner before treating the whole garment.  Will not revitalize the garment, it will clean it / 1 l. (33.81fl.oz.)
Sewing machine oil (ISO-22) / 118.29 ml (4 fl.oz.)
Drumming compound. Finishing and cleaning solution for the drum.
American finish process top clean ready kit drumming compound. For soft and perfect fur Cleaning. Not for white furs / 800 g. (1.76 lb.) One pouch cleans up to 6 full length fur garments.
Top glaze anti-static finishing liquid for ironing of furs.
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